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Bovec kanyoning

If you’re looking for an adventure, it might be worth taking some extra time to plan a really unforgettable experience. Such can only be found in the perfect place, so get ready to travel. Fortunately, the destination offers a lot more than a lone experience, it’s full of attractions and sights.

The destination is the Soca valley, especially the town Bovec with its offer of adventure sports and other thrilling activities. Don’t settle for the ordinary attractions, there are many extra interesting options in Bovec. Kanyoning is one of the options that will pique the interest of even the most experienced adventurers. Navigating a canyon is always a unique and thrilling adventure, especially in the picturesque environment around Bovec. Kanyoning is done in narrow canyons with various natural obstacles, requiring the adventurers to get their hands dirty and their bodies wet. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe and comfortable, eventually. That’s another one of the advantages of Bovec – kanyoning is done by experienced professionals that can ensure the best possible adventure.

Another thrilling option is Soca rafting. Slovenia has attractive rivers, but Soca is the most enchanting among them. It’s also the most suitable for thrilling rafting trips. Actually, many of the visitors come especially for the Soca rafting – Slovenia is becoming more and more popular among the visitors from all over the world because of that! And the visitors are not disappointed, as the rafting provides a guaranteed fun and thrilling experience. There are various options for Soca rafting, Slovenia is blessed with a great river that will impress you with surprising qualities. The most attractive among those are the rapids that make for a great rafting course. But some parts of the river are also very calm and as such ideal for a scenic tour. You can’t go wrong with Soca rafting! 

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