Discover the Soca river on your own

Soča rafting 2

The Soca river in Slovenia is one of the popular destinations among those that want to make the best use of their free time. It opens up a world of opportunities, especially to those that are looking for outdoor adventures. Even those that prefer exploring the nature on their own will find many attractive options, including paddling down the river in a kayak or a raft.

Soca river kayaking

Kayaking is actually among the most popular choices. Independent kayakers are very well treated, as they can plan their own adventures and take advantage of the great offer of services in the tourist towns along the river. Soca river kayaking is very adaptable to the tastes of the kayakers – you can have short and intense trips or long adventures that will definitely be very scenic and relaxing. No matter what you choose, Soca river kayaking will provide a great experience in the astonishing natural ambient of this unique river.

Soča rafting

Rafting can be a great choice as well, even though it doesn’t always work well for those that are seeking completely independent solo adventures. Soča rafting is generally done in groups with professional guides, so it’s ideal for families and other groups. But there are other options as well, for example Soča rafting in a mini-raft, suitable for two people. With a wide variety of options, it’s not hard to find an adventure that will be perfect for you.

Other options

If you want to explore the Soca river on your own, you have several other options as well. You can, of course, just park near the river and enjoy your free time on the riverbanks, even go for a swim in the cold river. Or ask about hydrospeed and other interesting options!

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